Warning: Unlike most self help, personal development or woo-woo experiences--
Once you experience this workshop, your life will never go back to the way it was before. 
I cannot repeat this enough: there is no turning back. 
Ok, now that that's out of the way:
You Are Invited to the 2019
Art of NGF Radical Undoing Workshop
September 20-27
Only 4 Spots remain!
Registration closes at 11:59pm Pacific Time on Monday September 2, 2019
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Get ready to experience a life-changing, awareness-building, specially extended two-weekend adventure. 
This is an opportunity for you to finally wake up to the life you've got left, and put fun at the centre of it.

A unique band of adventurers will gather this summer to explore direct experiences of transcendence, expansion, and awakening of their creativity. 

Check out what previous Art of NGF Workshop Adventurers had to say about their experiences:
Are you one of them?
It's not often you get a second bite at the apple, especially one from as rare a tree as this.  At the risk of mixing metaphors, we are opening the door for you once again.  Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who made it through last year - in which case, we can't wait to see you again.  

Perhaps you just missed out last time around, and have been using your imagination to abuse yourself on the subject ever since.  Well, no more!  Perhaps you have just happened across this page, and this stuff is all new to you... welcome, here is the chance you've been waiting for.

Last year the experience blew the minds of everyone lucky enough to be a part of it.  The impact of those few days rippled out into the lives of every participant in beautiful and amazing ways.  Now it's back, from September 20-27 (with a weekend-only option)--a wealth of new experiments, techniques and adventures, and hours of direct in-person Radical Undoing sessions.
You may feel some  r e s i s t a n c e.  That's a good thing. This isn't for everyone, but if you've reached this page, chances are it's for you. Make no mistake, this training is a big deal.  That's why it feels like one.  I'm not here to persuade you...
"Listen, I know you're feeling apprehensive, even scared. I did. But you wouldn't even be considering this if you didn't know, really know, that the life you've always wanted is possible. And to get that life, your life, you have to nuke your old one. The Live Workshops are the nuclear option, but instead of a radioactive fallout you get more fun and more awareness...  And it was the best fucking time of my life."
- Nathan, Pennsylvania USA
What is this thing anyway?
A total immersion workshop in Radical Undoing and the Art of Not Giving A Fuck, spanning two weekends, plus a week of adventures and leisure between for attendees of both weekend workshops. (details below)
Where is it?
We have selected a beautiful location for your undoing experience, nestled in the Forest of Dean near the river Wye on a secluded organic farm, with lodging and food included for both weekends.
When is it?
At the beginning of the beautiful British Autumn from Sept 20-27, 2019 (You're highly encouraged to attend the full week.)
-Nina, Norway, Workshop Participant 2018
"This workshop has really changed my life for the better. I have had PTSD for many years because of some trauma in my life. Anxiety and depression have been part of my life and have also been in my body.  After this workshop I have not used any medicine and my anxiety, depression and certain ailments in the body suddenly disappeared. 

Now there is suddenly a new world to explore and I feel like a kid in a big toy box ready to do everything I want.

Everyone should experience this magical journey I was experiencing and my opinion is that this should have been an offer in the health services for this will certainly have given a better life to many people with different challenges.

I tell everyone my experience with this workshop and strongly recommend to everyone on my way that this should be tried and experienced."
What about food?
Wow, the food! Last year our taste buds were titillated, our bodies nourished, and our transcendence fuelled by delicious, nourishing meals prepared from the best seasonal and local produce.  This year we'll have an excellent caterer, with more mouth-watering artworks--every meal included in the price.  The spectacular and abundant meals we have together mean you will never look at (or taste) food in the same way again.
Where will I stay?
Accommodation in a beautiful organic farmhouse making full use of natural materials and green technology is included.  There are large sitting areas to relax in with with sofas and chairs, central heating to keep you warm and cosy, and beautiful gardens, woods, and the shoreline of the river Wye to relax around.  Not to mention the wood-fired hot tub, the beautiful river to swim in, and acres of glorious countryside for our sensory delight.
How do I get there?
The location is within easy reach of London and Gloucester - reach out to us and we will make sure your journey is as easy as it can be. Message radicalundoing@gmail.com and he'll make sure you get all the travel details.
Where will we do the work?
The work space is a large timber framed building in the heart of the wild near the River Wye in the Forest of Dean.  It's got luxurious floor heating, a movie projector, and comfortable spaces for the Radical Undoing experiences.  Last year we discovered that this structure is also a trans-dimensional vessel piloted by the emergent entelechy of group Radical Undoing.
Ami, Spain, Workshop Participant 2016, 2017
"As for the workshop doubters: I'd tell them to put themselves on trial. Guilty until proven innocent. Really grill themselves to find out which part of them is the one that's doubting. 

What are its motives? Has it committed any previous offences? How did listening to that voice work out for them til now? 

After they cut all that away, see if there's any resistance left. If there is, its directly correlated to the amount of benefit they'd get from going. "
Ingvild, 2018 Workshop Participant
"I noticed that some things I took for granted, were not at all. We did some exercises which forced us outside our comfort zone and as a direct result of one exercise, I began working on some school subjects I'm missing, and I'm well under way with this now.

In the beginning, I wondered what this is supposed to do, why would this have any effect, other than making my shoulders a bit more relaxed, for example-but gradually you start to notice that changing the tensions we have in the body affects the mind, too. 

The exercises one learns to do are about Undoing old patterns and tensions one might have been unaware of for years."
So what's the itinerary?
  • Registration - 12:00pm 20th September
  • Meals - breakfast 7:00am, Lunch noon, Dinner 6.30pm
  • Morning workshops - 8.00am to noon. each day
  • Afternoon workshops - 1.00pm to 5.00pm each day
  • Evening Viewings - artfully curated stimuli to awaken your awareness, games of group play
  • Extra helpings of fun - liberally sprinkled throughout
  • Throughout the week, there will be Secret Bonus Adventures, plus a private consultation to help you bring all your new perspectives and awareness back home into your life, forever.
Dave, UK, Workshop participant in 2016, 2017, and 2018
"I have attended the last 3 NGF workshops and have nothing but good feedback to report.  Garrett and the team have been professional, experienced, insightful, intuitive and supportive, whilst assisting me though some awesome experiences during sessions. 
His understanding of 'the bodywork' comes from his own unique experience of going through it himself, rather than some theoretical book learning,'new-age' language and bluff. I say "Teach what you know" - He knows it, because he's actually done it, he literally learnt from the Master - Highly recommended.
If you want to get to know yourself better and live a deeper, more satisfying life, whilst following the experiences that truly mean something to you, rather than the 'born/consume/pay taxes/procreate/die' script prepared by most societies, then I suggest that you invest in yourself and attend this workshop!"
"I have experimented with a bunch of different approaches and techniques.  Now and then I had some interesting results, but generally transitory.

It was not until I actually started to consistently work with the Radical Undoing methods that I realised that, unlike a lot of the bullshit out there, when you actually do it they actually work.  When I started to work with the Art of NGF, things went to a whole new level.

The kind of results which I've got through the live online routes are staggering, and being physically in the same place opens up a wealth of possibilities to go even deeper."
Workshop Participant 
in 2016 and 2017
-Edwin, Workshop Participant in 2017 and 2018
"Learning to relax is simple, but not easy. 
Yet, in the backdrop of the quiet, stunning beauty, and amidst a group of kind, earnest souls, this ‘unrest’ gradually became ‘ok’ with me.
With simple exercises, like staring at yourself in the mirror, a new self-intimacy appeared, tears flowed, and laughs were had.
Not coincidentally, the workshop’s locale is intimate itself, taking place in the comfortable farm of two uniquely endearing characters: Frode and Lise.
Garrett brings a profound lightness and humor to this intense experience, hinting at the possibility of perceiving life as miraculous, even in the face of things like death and loss.
This truly is a unique opportunity, and I highly recommend it to anyone who suspects there’s ‘another way’ to see things."
- Christian, Norway
Workshop Participant in 2017 and 2018
"If you are already considering this, I think you have realized that the workshop is valuable in some way, but other things - money, wondering if it's worth it, social worries and so on could be the hindrance... If you think this workshop will be good for you, and is being true in offering you adventure and happiness, what are you waiting for? Nothing could benefit the world (including your loved ones) more than you having an adventure where you will learn tools for bringing happiness into your life. This workshop short circuits the otherwise long roads to the same goal: a good life for the time that you are spending on planet Earth."
This is the most effective training for evolving, enjoying, and awakening absolute appreciation in every moment you've got left.

We will be spilling the beans on the ongoing evolution of the Art of NGF teachings. 

You will work with Garrett live, in-person, with a group of people who've been doing this work and expanding their lives for months and years.
Lise, Norway Workshop Participant 2018
"This workshop is the type of learning experience that will make you flow with life as it happens and see synchronicities and «accidents» as opportunities to make the most out of life – moment to moment.
I had no idea what to expect the workshop to be--apart from knowing that it would lead me on an adventure that would bring me more in touch with myself. 
I have experienced a surge of energy, awareness of flowing vs manipulating life and increased connection to my inner, silent voice ever since the workshop. I have gotten several tools that help me to overcome and move through fear and restriction in my professional work as well as personal life – getting myself out of the way and moving towards what I know I want.
If you want to get the most out of your life, treat yourself to this exceptional experience. Join an amazing, handpicked group of adventurers for loads of fun, in one of the most beautiful(!) locations on earth."
Want to know more? In this video, Pete B. explains why 
he attended the 2017 NGF Workshop:
Garrett has been working with these materials for nearly two decades.

He has thrown himself without reservation into this approach to life, sorting the wheat from the chaff, evolving the methods and techniques, creating new tools and keys, and having a blast along the way.

He is offering to teach you in-person as much as he can over this weekend.  If you've made it here to read these words, my heartfelt and sincere advice to you is to accept.
You will experiment with the Art of NGF methodology in the laboratory of your immediate experience with simple tools to:
use your body to shatter your limiting beliefs
 excavate the layers of bullshit to uncover a sense of permanence
discover what you really want
directly experience yourself and your place in the universe
open a channel to the source of your creativity
 blow away your inner critic
establish daily practices of cumulative awareness
bring appreciation to every moment
annihilate the inner victim and embrace 100% juice
The Workshop is limited to 16 people due to space limitations, & so we can pair up and everyone can get some one-on-one time for questions, experiments, exercises, and other adventures we've got planned for the weekend.  If you have any queries just drop a line to Garrett at radicalundoing@gmail.com, or contact our fixer christian.lien007@gmail.com   Can't wait to see you there!

Only 4 Spots Remaining!
*Lodging and Food included From 9/20 in the afternoon through 9/27 at breakfast.

*This full immersion, all-inclusive, life-changing, awareness-building 2-weekend adventure (plus secret bonuses worth over $3000 you'll receive via email!) is yours for only:

$1500 for the weekend of September 20-22 or $2500 for September 20-27

(Keep in mind most workshops include no meals, and force you to pay to stay in some milquetoast hotel, 
which cuts the workshop time almost in half of what you get at the Art of NGF Full Immersion Events)
You will receive an email from Christian within 24 hours of registration to kickstart your adventure right away.  This includes a bunch of special bonus materials and unique resources start your adventure right away.
Hang on a minute, what is all this Art of NGF and Radical Undoing stuff anyway?  I've never heard of these jokers, and it sounds like bullshit to me.  Surely this is some kind of con job... it's a bit too weird and cultish for me.  All these claims sound too good to be true ... only a naive sucker would fall for this kind of thing, and I'm damn sure I'm not one of them.  Why would I shell out that kind of money for something I don't know anything about?  Even the way they have put this bit of small print attempting to bring me around by voicing the fears they imagine I might have just strikes me as another patronising marketing ploy and the very fact they have done it turns me off even more.  I'm certainly not going fall for a last transparent bit of reverse psychology and click a button to find out more....
PS Let me let you into a secret...  You are on your death bed, looking back on this moment.  You are lying there breathing your last few breaths, thinking back over your life and the choices you made.  You clicked the link to this web page, you read it, you decided to turn down this experience, and you closed the browser tab.  You are dying, looking back on this moment.  Really bring yourself to it, STOP READING THIS NOW and FEEL it in your BODY..... Now: did you make the right choice?
Brought to You by Command Z and The Art of Not Giving a Fuck
As in life, no guarantees and no refunds: choose wisely!
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