How much time have you got left to enjoy that beautiful life of yours? How much more of it will get complained away? This training is for people who are ready for a whole lot more in their lives. More of what? Check out what Nathan had to say:
Nathan Woodsy, 
Philadelphia, PA
“I’ve taken a few steps towards things I deeply want this past month. But the real shift has been something or things that have just fallen away. I feel like more has been accomplished this past month with this falling away than my previous ten years of striving and frustration and work.
Your secret weapon against mediocrity, boredom, and self-doubt.
About "Art of NGF Live Weekly Group Sessions" Video Experience
If I told you there was a practice that could seize back every single moment of your life from now forward--in just 90 minutes a week--would you say I’m full of shit? If I told you that same 90 minutes is more powerful than psychedelics and the effects expand your mind and sense of appreciation for life permanently?

You might say I’m full of shit, and you’d be right.

I am full of shit.

Good Shit.

The best shit money can buy.

I don’t expect you to believe me. No.

Instead, I want you to stop believing in anything and start measuring your life with an entirely different set of metrics.

*This* shit gets your life running in the right direction faster than an usher yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater.

Nate got so excited, he sent me this video for you:
Once upon a time, there was an insecure, passive-aggressive, and angry little man.

He wanted desperately to be liked by the cool kids, whoever they were, in whatever group he needed to align himself with to get their attention, approval, and praise.

He never got it, of course. Well, not exactly. That’s one of the strangest parts of this story, but I don’t want to leap ahead.

So this guy was really his own person.

He was what you might call a nerd. 

He loved playing video games, especially RPGs. He grew up on Wizardry, Sierra Games adventure games, Shadowrun (yes, SNES and Sega Genesis, AND the 6-sided-die-based Shadowrun book gaming system), D&D, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior and The Legend of Zelda.

The games were enough to establish vast universes of wizards and adventurers, bards and bar maidens, and oh so many NPCs.

(NPCs? Yeah, Non Player Characters. You know, the barmaids, the magic potion seller, the old guy in the cave who gives you the sword, the Innkeeper, the blacksmith, the office workers, and grocery store clerks.)

Why do so many people seem to be living as NPCs all week long, and then going out for canned, Nerfed excursions with their portable living rooms hauled out to the woods for the weekend.

Those rock climbers, naturalists, mountain men like Grizzly Adams or Edward Abbey, they somehow turned the weekends into their whole lives!

But the secret of how they were able to not give a fugk about the people, places, and circumstances holding them back escaped the little, angry man.

He wondered constantly, for years, Why were those adventures and quests and final frontiers only in NES cartridges and TV shows and movies?

Where’s the real-life Indiana Jones?

Why the hell does everything seem so fucking boring?

Is this really all there is?

That wheel of rumination paraded like a tedious carnival all night long, in lieu of a truly restful sleep.

So not only did the guy in our story want to be liked and loved by the people he admired and looked up to, he wanted fame, adventure, and most of all, to define his own life for himself--outside of and in spite of the pressures from outside to conform blindly to authority.

He looked through every book, every system, every training he could find to help ease his worried mind, and nothing worked.

Even when something seemed to work, it never lasted. Not visualizations, not positive thinking, not affirmations or complicated meditations, not visits with gurus or holy men and women, not more money, not more sex….

Nothing he tried gave him that deep sense of aliveness he’d lost somewhere along the way.

And then he discovered these strange movements and crazy underground secret exercises, and this stuff crushed the endless seeking he’d grown so wary of, and launched him into the Adventure of a Lifetime.

The next ten years sent him traveling the world and plumbing the inner depths of rumination and strife, unchaining himself from boredom, despair, and self-doubt.

He had no idea at the time that he was becoming one of the world’s experts on this secret training, and dedicate all his efforts toward creating a training to help other successful, high-functioning misfits experience that same irrevocable transition into a deeply satisfying life.

What took him over a decade of searching and experimenting and piecing together tools, techniques, and methods for personal evolution, you can now inject into your own life in less than a year.

Yes, in just 52 weeks, your entire life will feel like it’s been overhauled and rebuilt.

Yes, that tired, angry, uninspired bastard in the story was me, Garrett Daun, and since then, I've dedicated my life to providing the most effective, powerful, and fun training in transcendence, creativity, and overcoming anything that gets in your way. That's what this weekly group session is all about.
Christian Lien 
Oslo, Norway
"Experiencing an undoing session in and of itself is like a calm explosion of personal energy and an excavating of your own inner beauty. The experience is unique and something that cannot easily be explained with words alone. Experiencing this with a group does away with the need for explaining it, and reveals that this deep joy and comfort in oneself can also be had in the company of others."
What's Radical Undoing Good For?
-Converts confusion and discomfort into curiosity and satisfied excitement.

-Converts chronic shoulder tension into a vibrant sense of freedom.

-Deep relaxation and mental alertness

-Feel grounded and confident in your body

-Learn to trust your gut instincts

-Deeper levels of intimacy with yourself and the people you love

-Intense inspiration and motivation to get what you really want in your life

-Deeper and more nourishing sleep

-Less mental chatter and more focused awareness

-You'll be more aware of your potential and opportunities

-your decisions will no longer be guided by fear

-a deeper sense of enjoyment that stretches through all situations in your life

-a hell of a lot more laughter!

-Discover why deep relaxation and 100% self acceptance help you get laid more, advance in your career, and feel more satisfied with every single experience.

-Learn to live an authentic life full of presence, instead of always hiding out and manipulating behind the scenes in your mind.

-Realize--once and for all--that it’s impossible and futile trying to change yourself, and know exactly what to do in every moment instead.

-Discover how to use your own body and mind as the primary source of insight, guidance and entertainment in your life.

-Discover the joy of realizing that all of your deepest, darkest moments ARE the fuel and force behind all your future successes and adventures, and how to utilize those dark parts of yourself in healthy ways every single day.

-Enjoy weird, secret breathing techniques that melt through problems and challenges while you sit back, relaxed, enjoying the show.

-Rediscover your childlike sense of exploration and play, and use it to navigate your life toward adventure and discovery, instead of constantly suffering and running away from fear.

-Learn to handle life’s little upsets in a gentle, calm, confident manner that generates comfort and trust in everyone around you.

-Find out how all those fraudulent feelings you have about yourself signal the beginning of your transition from the Manipulated Life to the Flowing Life ::: from Victim to Adventurer.

-Unlock access to your own deep well of creative thinking, innovative intuition, and a “gut instinct” you can follow into a life you actually love and enjoy.
Here’s the bad news: you’re going to have to put in the effort to make this work. You’re about to get your hands on some of the world’s most effective methods for transcending the problem-focused life and diving fully into your adventure. 

This can be terrifying, and I’d absolutely hate for you to quit somewhere along the way, never experiencing the unbreakable delight this training offers.

Is it really for you? Will this help you stop drowning in the rumination your untrained imagination keeps serving you up, keeping you awake at night?

Well, that depends. Are you game for a thorough and rigorous overhaul of your life?

"Also anyone who has yet to start it, pay attention to whatever warning disclaimers that are included in the course. I thought they were there for show, but apparently not."
-Marc Grutka

Here’s the deal: when you sign up for this training, you’ll get 8 Bonus Radical Undoing sessions immediately. You’ll also get the audio recordings along with the videos, so you can redo the sessions anytime you like, anywhere you can bring a phone.

Plus, we’ll do 52 weeks of training, one full session each week, that gives you the tools to undo any tensions that arise in any area of your body, and exactly how your body relates to all the situations and stories in your life. 

Having that knowledge and experience is key to learning to navigate your life as an adventurer, instead of a simple victim of circumstances.

Just keep in mind: This training isn't for you if you're not 100% ready for massive changes in your perception, thought processes, tension levels, and life experiences.

I'm serious about this warning. You will remember reading it at some point, and know that I was telling you the truth. Thankfully, we've got ongoing training to develop your new navigational skills as you evolve your life beyond what you thought possible.

Here’s how it works: Click the big blue button below, get signed up, and then you’ll get a personal email from me (Garrett) explaining where you find the bonus sessions, how to use the private Inner Circle forum, and the link to the software we use for the live video experience each week.

We’ll be meeting every Sunday at 12pm Pacific time on Zoom. If you miss a session, don’t worry.

It’ll be posted for you to do at your leisure during the week.

When you sign up, you'll also get immediate access to over 30 full Undoing Session videos you can follow along with anytime. (Quit anytime, and keep all the recorded sessions!)
Erik Wall
Malmo, Sweden
"I've had the honor of participating in a few group sessions, and I am eager to do it again. Why? Because you get live interaction with Garrett and thus excellent guidance right there, as it goes along. There is also the opportunity to learn from each other, as participants. I appreciate the aura of trust that builds up through doing this work together in a group, where one can share one's experiences and contribute to the further progression of the work, for the benefit of all."
PS: If you haven’t gotten a sense of what this whole Weekly Radical Undoing training does and how it works: 

The basic idea is to free up each part of your body from the crippling tension that restricts everything in your life. As you free yourself up from tensions, you'll find your life expanding in ways you never could have imagined.

How is that?

Because your stress and tensions keep you locked up in habitual ways of thinking and perceiving your experiences. If you can’t see the opportunities all around you, there’s no way you’ll be able to access them and let your life evolve naturally.

What happens if you don’t undo these tensions and habitual ways of thinking?

You’ll keep getting more of the same, except by resisting your own natural growth and evolution, you’ll find that chained-up feeling, that sense of something missing, just gets worse and worse, and the longer you wait, the less time you have to enjoy the permanent vacation this training can help you initiate in your life.

I know, maybe it seems like a lot of work. Well, it is a lot of work, but not the kind you might think. This has nothing to do with positive thinking, repeating affirmations, or praying to the unicorns to help solve your problems.

It has to do with you coming back home into yourself, into what’s actually going on in your body and all around you, and then learning to navigate life based on who and what you really are--instead of trying to live up to all the bullshit everyone else thinks you should.

This work is designed for true adventurers (yes, even the ones who’ve forgotten the Grand Adventure and traded it for a lesser life).

If you find yourself still wondering if there’s something more to life, you’re in the right place. 

This training will definitely give you a clear picture of what that is, and how to get more of the good stuff in your own daily life.
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