Over 70% of outwardly successful professionals 
feel like imposters in their own lives. Do you?
Get free from the rat race, stop feeling like a fraud, and finally start using your success to enjoy an authentic, fun, and rewarding life.
This simple, fun, daily practice installs you with an unbreakable mindset 
that keeps you feeling grounded, powerful, and satisfied--no matter what’s going on around you.
"The Daily NGF call is like checking in with base camp and dropping some trash - sacrificing it to the Spirit of Adventure. That then becomes the fuel for the rest of the 24 hours of awesomeness."
-Erik Wall, Sweden.
How much longer do you want to sit in front of that screen, doing deadend, unnecessary work that makes you feel stupid? All the while, pretending to enjoy your success... But when the buzz wears off--and it always does--and you’re left with the same thought piercing through the hangover haze once again: Is this all there is?

Adam, a long-term client of mine, came to me in frustration and confusion about a simple goal he was beating himself up over his slow, painful progress over months and months.

He’s a pilot and the head of a successful software firm on the East Coast of the US. He was studying to get his “Instrument Rating,” which to us non-pilots means the certification necessary to fly in inclement weather and near zero visibility, relying only on the instruments available for guiding the aircraft.

Adam found himself struggling with the texts he felt “forced to read,” and told me that the information was irrelevant to modern flying and pilot skills and equipment.

In short, he was confronted with a wall of resistance on his way to getting the certification. He said he felt like “this is some shit my dad would make me do.”

During Adam’s private session, I helped him get clarity on his exact yearnings and motivations for getting the advanced pilot’s license for flying in bad weather.

“I want to fly my family to the bahamas for Christmas this year!”

Here’s where it gets crazy, so pay careful attention to what I’m communicating. If you stay focused, you might just experience a sense of your own inner adventurer beginning to leave behind that victim track…

Adam reached out to me for help in June. His goal was to get his instrument rating by December, in time to fly out for vacation.

Not only would that rating get him the ability to fly wherever he wants in the world during whatever weather...it would expand his capabilities to fly professionally, and even commercially.

He just hated doing all the boring, meaningless shit they required him to do to get it.

So he couldn’t focus.

Couldn’t stand the sight of the training manual.

He hated the words and all the steps he had to take to get that damned certification, to finally enjoy all the success he’d been working so hard to achieve all those years.

So we did the session, which included a handful of the exercises and experiments you’ll find in every single daily installment of the NGF 365 Training, and after 60 minutes, I told Adam to go enjoy his night, and get in touch when he noticed anything new.

We ended up on Skype to do another session, for relaxation and accelerating his results in his business--which we easily accomplished, I even had a client take a break from working with me because his business and sales results accelerated too fast for him to keep up--but that's another story.
The next part is what still 
blows my mind to this day:::
When Adam reached the practical part of the training and examination, which means completing over 50 hours of cross-country flight time as a pilot in command, he was so full of vibrant life and enthusiasm that he tired out two instructors in a row, flying as much as 12 hours each day.

What had previously felt like a boring, stupid, nightmarish waste of time had transformed literally overnight into an exciting, joy-filled, fun experience, that Adam genuinely and authentically wanted to participate in.

Not only that, but he excelled at the training and exams in every possible manner, all while having the time of his life, fully aware, alive, and awake to the tiny joys of every part of the training experience.

By the time he flew his family to the Bahamas that Christmas, he’d learned something even more hard-hitting and important than the history and use of aviation instruments--Adam learned how to live each moment with a sense of celebration, joy, and release.

That’s the real secret here.
"All the bits of rubble, all that shit you used to complain about, all the haters you thought held you back, all the fears and resistance to life and adventure--it all turns into pure gold..."
Your life, exactly as you’re experiencing it right this very moment, is the raw material this training teaches you to construct into the rewarding, satisfying, celebratory life you KNOW exists, but have walled yourself off from for so many lonely, despairing years.

If you never hear from me again--if you don’t invest in this mind-blowing, life-affirming, NON-woo woo, authenticity inducing, illusion-busting, tension-relieving, opinion-dropping training--remember this forever:

No matter what you accomplish, no matter how much you accumulate, no matter how much yoga you do, no matter how many people you fuck, no matter how many big walls you climb--none of it amounts to shit if you’re still feeling like an extra, like a fraud, in your own life.

But the inverse also holds true.

If you live an adventurous, authentic life that you can celebrate every single day:

Every last millisecond--even the deepest, darkest, most difficult doldrums any human has ever experienced--starts to glow, to fill you with authentic, radiant joy and appreciation.

All the bits of rubble, all that shit you used to complain about, all the haters you thought held you back, all the fears and resistance to life and adventure--turn into pure gold...

The good news is that's just the beginning. 

Here's some of the other rewards:
  • A simple mindset shift that gives you clear, undoubtable internal guidance about exactly what to do in every situation you face for the rest of your life.
  • Become aware of how your mind, body, and emotions actually work, and how you can use ANY situation to get your whole system to work in unison so you can celebrate your experiences instead of wishing for them to end.
  • Learn to handle life’s little upsets in a gentle, calm, confident manner that generates comfort and trust in everyone around you.
  • Unlock access to your own deep well of creative thinking, innovative intuition, and a “gut instinct” you can follow into a life you actually love and enjoy (plus get more done at work AND on your side projects than you ever thought possible).
  • Find out why most people seem unhappy in what they do, and why they keep doing it, and how to get yourself out of that miserable rat race forever.
What’s your next move?

After all those bullets, you must be wondering what happens next…
Well, my friend, that’s up to you.

Like your future, it’s completely in your hands.

No one can push you into this, or force you to get real with your life, and start enjoying your success.

Consider this a fleeting, one-time invitation (inspiration burns out between 24 and 48 hours after striking. The initial idea loses it’s spark if you don’t act on it.)

You’ve made it this far. One more step to leave behind your inner victim and grab hold of the adventurous, rewarding life you’ve been yearning for and ruminating about before falling into another restless night.
My experience with the brave cosmonauts who helped pioneer the NGF 366 training is that all resistance, doubt, and cynicism about the training dissolves within the first few days.

That’s why it’s a daily training membership you pay for monthly. I don’t want anyone moving to the more advanced work in month 2 and beyond if they’re not completely blown away by the results they get just from the first few bonus recordings, sessions, and training videos.

What that means for you is that you can cancel any time you want, no questions asked.
Why not deliver the training as a whole package that you get all at once? Because you’ll never make use of it the way you will by doing it ONE DAY AT A TIME.

If you’re one of the lucky ones with enough gusto to drag yourself into the first month of training, you’ll understand -- from your own personal experience, personally experienced -- exactly what you have to gain.

Let’s keep it simple, and start one day at a time...
Art of NGF Daily Training
Here’s how it works:

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"The Daily training is the easiest way of getting the essential ingredient of genuine transcendence: consistency." 
-William Griffin, Cinderford, UK
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"Ive moved organically through the conflict of "Shit, I can't afford this," into a place where I know positively that the Art of NGF training is the best investment I could ever make. It's an investment in my life. MY LIFE. Right now. I am alive right now, and now is all I have. 
Later is not guaranteed. 
This moment is me taking ecstatic action in an immensely more satisfying, vivid, and adventurous life; Or every moment is yet another unconscious, shambling step take toward the grave by a walking corpse. I'm not exaggerating or speaking in hyperbole. I feel strongly that not too long ago, I was that shambling corpse, but now I am, more and more, day after day, an adventurer. Aware that, for this moment, 
I am ALIVE!"
-Taylor Remigi, Salt Lake City, Utah, US.
PS: Pssst! Check it out: structure determines function. 

Do you get it yet? 

If you don’t change the structure, you can’t expect any change in function. The structure of your mind and tensions in your body are aiming you down a speeding autopilot path into your grave. 
You never know when you’ll arrive. 

The Art of NGF alters the structure of your perception, 
and everything about your approach to life changes automatically, without direct effort. 

In fact, the sooner you stop trying to change yourself and your life, the faster you’ll find it changing, 
and the more fun and laughter you’ll be enjoying, 
as you begin to shed the dull personality that once hid your adventurous nature.

Make a decision, instead of letting time make it for you. 

This is your invitation, remember? So what’ll it be? A leap into your authentic life of rewarding, daily adventure, or a big, steaming helping of more of the same and worse, for the rest of your days?

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely.

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