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-Paul 'Smokey' Olsen
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Making Life Good

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression steal away the time, minds, and lives of billions of people on the planet.

Most available solutions numb you to the intense joys of an adventurous life.

The Command Z Training helps you overcome anxiety and depression forever, and to handle stress easily, no matter how crazy life gets.

And that's just the beginning. Once the mental suffering stops, you're ready embrace your life as the adventure you've been waiting for.
Garrett Daun, Founder
Weekly Live Undoing Sessions
If I told you there was a practice that could seize back every single moment of your life from now forward--in just 90 minutes a week--would you say I’m full of shit? If I told you that same 90 minutes is more powerful than psychedelics and the effects expand your mind and sense of appreciation for life permanently?

You might say I’m full of shit, and you’d be right.

I am full of shit.

Good Shit. Try it for yourself:
Art of NGF Podcast
The Art of Not Giving a Fuck: Victim to Adventurer podcast helps you stop giving a fuck about everything holding you back--in order to embrace what you actually value.

Enjoy interviews with bestselling authors, millionaire marketers, world-famous musicians, ex-felons turned consultants, and others who learned to stop giving a fuck what people think of them to live the most amazing lives it's possible for a human to live.

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