Command Z: Victim to Adventurer
Art of NGF™ Elite Training eliminates boredom and reclaims your life.

Your days of feeling like a fraud end right here & now.

Adventure isn't just about climbing mountains,
rafting rapids, skydiving, and traveling the world. It's about learning to demand the highest quality of every single moment of your life. You define success and satisfaction. 
Art of NGF training helps you start your own endless adventure. It's time to stop feeling bad for yourself. It's time to stop feeling like a fraud. It's time to kill your inner victim.
Garrett Daun, Founder
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Command Z helps bold individuals initiate and maintain a lifelong process of organic self-evolution. In a word, it takes you from Victim to Adventurer. 

Where the victim complains and quits, the adventurer explores, enjoys, and wins--constantly--click above to begin.
Art of NGF™ Podcast
The Art of Not Giving a Fuck: Victim to Adventurer podcast helps you stop giving a fuck about everything holding you back--in order to embrace what you actually value. 

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